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By submitting you recognize being the owner of an unpaid invoice and take full responsibility for it's contents. The submission remains the legal property and responsibility of the submitter. By pressing the SUBMIT button you recognize having read and understood the conditions that are legally binding DebtAir and the Submitter. At no time during any Request for a Risk Report by a third party will the debtors personal information such as name and/or address be divulged, unless these are a part of their legally operating business name. The DebtAir Customer Risk Report will contain the Company Name, Country/Countries where Unpaid Invoices have been reported. The Risk Report will evaluate the potential financial risk the requester is taking by conducting maintenance on a particular aircraft.

Although DebtAir knows the submitter of the unpaid invoice, DebtAir will never divulge to a potential inquirer who submitted the unpaid invoice. Should they wish to dispute the claim and discuss the claim by the submitter, they may then take advantage of the Dispute Desk were the debtor will be given the opportunity to communicate with the submitter to resolve or mitigate the unpaid invoice issues. Once the submitter has accepted the request he/she will communicate via email with the debtor in order to discuss any outstanding debt/debts. Once the debtor requests the dispute desk the submitter will have 7 days to communicate with the debtor. Only when the submitter is satisfied with the results of the Dispute Desks intervention and that a mutual agreement has been made between the two parties and a copy of the invoice paid in full or alternate understanding between submitter and debtor has been reached can the arrangement be submitted to DebtAir were the database will be corrected and/or modified and/or erased.


When submitting an invoice please be sure to include:

► Aircraft Registration, Serial Number and Model for which the Invoice was created.

► Maintenance establishment where debt was contracted

► Main contact information should debtor wish to discuss unpaid invoice report

► Date(s) of unpaid Invoice(s)

► Debtors business address

► Debtors contact information

► How many days, months the debtor has been in default i.a.w company policies

► How many requests have been made for payment

A submitter cannot ask for more then is indicated on the submitted invoice. Once you have submitted your invoice(s) you will receive a confirmation email of reception.

Please take note: Only commercial emails will be officially accepted into the DebtAir Database. No personal email address account submissions will be accepted into DebtAir's database.